Friday, September 2, 2011

Week In The Life Thursday

Today was a hard day. I haven't had a hard day for a while. We've had Noah on straight milk for the past couple days to see if he could handle it and oh boy is he grouchy !! So, no more milk for him. He cried the whole morning and most of the afternoon. Well I have to hurry. My parents will be here in about two hours !! Here are some of my favorites from yesterday.

Thursday is usually preschool day but with Noah crying all morning and all Maddie wanted to do is color, this is all we got done. A bunch of nothing !!

11 : 38 AM Ants !! There are bugs everywhere here.

My garden waterer helper for today and pretty much everyday. This kid LOVES the water.


This is what my morning looked like.

I picked up this train table last night from a church member that needed to get ride of it. We took some time this morning to put it in his room and get his track going. It's huge !! And so we will see if its going to stay or
we want to get a smaller one.

More trains.

I think I might have jumped the gun a little on this one but I am so ready for fall. I found the fall decorations out in the shed and couldn't help myself. Might as well enjoy them for a little while right !! He He.

More decorations.

The girls found some of their treat baskets and so they decided to put on their costumes and go trick or treating.

Patrick took the kids to the park while I went to back to school night at Katelyn's school.

Playing peek a boo with daddy

We have this event that we do each month with the kids. Each month on the day that they were born on they get to have daddy time. Meaning Maddie was born March 1 and so it being Sept. 1 yesterday it was her turn to do something just with daddy. They went and got ice cream together while the rest of us stayed home. We got bored so we took some pictures of us !!

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha  Noah loves to brush his teeth and thinks he has to do it ten times a day. I am always catching him in the bathroom trying to brush his teeth !!

That's it for Thursday. So glad that day is over. Not sure when I 'll be able to post the rest of the week but will do it as soon as I can. We have a great weekend planned with trips to the lake, a trip to see my brother and his fiance. Having my brother and Brighton(his fiance) coming on Sunday to stay till Monday. Can't wait.

Have a wonderful Labor day weekend everyone and go out and have some fun.

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