Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week In The Life Monday

I found a few minutes to finish up Monday. It is definitely simpler than last year, (although different) but I do like the look of it all this year. So I am happy with the results. I probably could do more to it as well, but I really need to get it done and move on to other things that also need finishing.  I did most of it digitally. Basically to save time. I got the Ali Edwards kit for this year and loved it.

For the first page I took Trisha Harrison's idea of a hybrid page and copied it. I knew I wanted to do a hybrid version but just didn't know how I wanted to go about it. I saw what Trisha did and knew that was the solution. You can take a look at her finished book here. I printed the page minus the picture on to cardstock and then printed the picture out, cut it out, and then adhered the picture to the card stock. Then added pattern paper and embellishments. Simply yet looks good. I plan to continue the theme all the way through the seven days. The picture on the front page is of the kids and Patrick out on the slip n' slide with a Ali Edwards brush added to the bottom. Here is the first page for Monday.

The next page is the journaling for Monday. I used an Ali Edwards Long Journaler, sized it to 4x11, put Monday on the top, added my text, added an Ali Edwards brush to the bottom and printed. Turned out great, again I was going for simple. Stitched up the side of a 8.5 x11 page protector and trimmed the excess. Here is the journaling page.

I always take way more pictures than I need for the day so I used the backside of my journaling page to add some more pictures. I created a 4x11 layer in photoshop, cropped my pictures, and then printed them out. I didn't add anything to them this year. Trying to save on time. The picture are Noah trying to put together his bottle in the morning, Maddie and Me at the Tea Party, and Noah on the slip n' slide. Here is the picture strip.

So I did three pages of picture collages. I always find that I can never narrow it down to just 5 pictures so that they all fit on one page. I did put extra pictures in the baseball card page protectors two years but still don't like the look of it, so I just ended up doing two extra pages of collages. Here is the first one.

Second Page

Third page.

That is it for Monday. I didn't add much to the digital pages as they are pretty full as it is. I can't wait to finish the rest of the days.  I'm off to prepare a preschool lesson for tomorrow, it is our turn to host Friday preschool. And it's also Thursday and that means some of my favorite shows are on tonight, Yeah !!

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