Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Life Week 21

It has been so long since I have posted about Project Life so if you have been waiting for some more, here you go. This week was MAGICAL !! Literally, true magic. Our family's first lost tooth, a day trip to Disneyland, a celebration of a birthday, and painting of a certain two little girls room pink. It was so fun and it makes me want to plan our next Disneyland trip. So without further ado - Here is the first page :

Katelyn's tooth was loose for quite a while and it finally fell out on Monday at school. She was eating lunch.

We always knew that we needed to get the girls bunkbeds for their new room and so today I went and picked some up. They are in heaven.

Katelyn at Disneyland looking at her map and telling us where SHE wanted to go.

This journaling card I found a free tooth clipart and then journaled inside of it.

Bunkbeds journaling card.

This card talks about Katelyn and her Disneyland map. The font is a Disneyland font that I purchased a few years ago that looks like the exact writing of Disneyland. I love it and used it throughout this week.

The next journaling card place is where I put our Disneyland tickets. Just slipped them in.

I added four extra pages this week. The first one is a picture of the two girls in front of the Castle. Included some of their conversation onto the picture. I used one of Cathy Z's template for this page.  IT is an 8.5 x11 print.

The second page is a full 8.5 x11 print that I journaled on a making memories journaling card that I had. We got so lucky to just happened to find Sleeping Beauty(Maddie's favorite) walking past and she stopped for a quick hug. I love Disneyland.

Here is the next extra page. I used a divided page protector from We R Memory Keepers. It has 3 4x6 pockets and then a 6x12 pocket next to it and it is so fun to use. I was able to put three pictures and then my journaling from the day next to it.

Here are the three pictures :

Patrick's birthday pin. It's a tradition to get him a birthday pin. I think this was the third time being there on his birthday. I love that he loves Disneyland.

For the journaling card I just resized one of Ali Edward's Long Journalers to 6x12 left some room on the bottom for my paper strip. Took my journaling from my iphone that I had jotted down that particular day, emailed it to myself, copy and pasted, and then inserted it into my journaler. Simple. Put a rub-on on the top and a few more and then my strip on the bottom. Simple and I love the end result. The journaling is called WALTOGRAPH and I love it.

Journaling -

Woke up at 7am. Patricks birthday.
Says, let's take a drive down south. Ok.
Left at nine. Girls excited. Noah got
an hour nap on the way down. Got
tickets went to have lunch. Winnie the
pooh ride was our first ride of the day.
Katelyn and me did big thunder mountain.
She though it wad scary and didn't want
to do it again. Before lunch saw
sleeping beauty. girls got a hug! Lots of
finger pointing and saying look at that
from noah. and lots of jabbering.
Toddlers at Disneyland are not a good
fit. Got Patrick a Happy Birthday pin.
Loved the tea cups. Did all the kiddie
rides. Maddie loved thunder mountain.
Saw goofy and Minnie. Noah got sad
when she had to take a break and said
“she go bye bye”. Waved at her and said
bye bye when we were done. He can also
saw Minnie and Mickey now. Bought him
a Mickey. Mostly chewed on it,
occasionally gave it a hug. Maddie got a
Minnie. She went everywhere with her.
To dinner, on dumbo, strapped into the
carousel horse, tucked into her skirt in
the toy story ride. Saw Candy and said
hi to her. Had dinner and then a few
more rides before heading home.
May 25, 2011.

The next extra page was just full of photos that I wanted to include. Here is a look :

Here are some of the photos up close.

Font is again Waltograph and the love is from Ali Edward's love embellishment collection.

The brush is from Ali's The story of this day brushes set

Here is the second page :

Maddie and her Minnie Mouse. Brush is from Ali's outlined moments brushes set

Me and the kids riding the Tea cups. Which we rode a lot !! I love this shot that Patrick got of us, he did a good job of getting us in focus and then everything else is blurry !!

Patrick painting the girls room pink.

I had two journaling card spaces left over so I added two more pictures from Disneyland.

I had saved the paint sample card from the store and cut it to fit into the journaling card slot. I journaled onto it and then added the date.

That is it folks. Another week done and documented. So on to the next week. See you next time.

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