Friday, September 9, 2011

Week In The Life Sunday

The last day of the project is done and photographed. Another great day filled with family and a BBQ !! Here are some pictures from Sunday.

Always wants a story in the morning.

We picked some fresh grapefruit last night in Hunting Beach !! YUM!!

Noah loves to have his packpack on, even though it is his sisters. I really need to get him his own.

Sunday morning grandpa hugs. Love it !!

Cookies with grandma.

Watching the latest Doctor Who with daddy. They love it.

These lovely babies are parked in the side yard. I think I might keep them. They look good, right ! Hitting the lake tomorrow.

Maddie watching the scary part in Rio for the umpteenth time today.

Sunday night BBQ by Patrick with Grandpa observing. My brother and his fiance Brighton came up for the night and then heading to the lake with us tomorrow.

My brother and Brighton got Noah the cutest Thai outfit when they were in Thailand and so I put it on him so they could see it. Of course he did not want to have his picture taken. This was the best I could get.

That's it for Sunday. I LOVE this project. I am now working on putting it all together. So I should have some ready to share soon. Have a great weekend everyone.

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