Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week In The Life Friday

I'm going to make this short tonight. My parents are still here and I came down with a cold over the weekend so not feeling that great. Here are some pictures from Friday. It was a busy day, getting ready for our guests to arrive, making them cards, and a welcome sign. The girls kept asking me when grandma and grandpa were coming. They arrived Friday night !!

Here are the pictures :

When Patrick goes to work out on location he leaves super early.  He surprised me by taking a picture of himself by the clock when was up getting ready to leave. He is such a good sport about getting pictures for me. He also took a few pictures while out working that I will add to the book. But here he is at 4: 45 in the morning.

Katelyn and Maddie's bunk beds.Their room is pink and I got the owl decor at Target even before we moved !!

This is their wall over their dresser.

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandpa is in the house. Watching Rio with the girls.

My mom has been getting me this particular birthday cake ever since I can remember. She felt bad that she couldn't get me my cake this year and so she bought one and brought it down for me !! It was a great surprise.

That is it. Short and Sweet. Hopefully I will post Saturday tomorrow.

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