Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Dance

If you could see me right now you would see me on top of my chair doing my version of the Happy Dance. I found out yesterday but Becky Higgins has posted it on her blog. It's official, she is teaming up with Jessica Sprague to have Project Life and it's components available digitally. Each individual item !!

I could just cry right now. I have been saying for a while now how much easier it would be for me to print on my journaling cards if there was a digital copy. And now there is going to be one !! Hallelujah. Christmas has come early folks. Last week I even contemplated sending Becky and email asking her to consider doing a digital version of the journaling cards. And now it is happening.  So what that means to me is, next year I can pull up the digital version of the card, type my journaling onto it, and then use the paper version to print on. No more scanning, cropping, my cards. And what that means to you is that you can also do the same thing for your Project Life as well.

And if that isn't enough, all the plastic items are now available on Amazon. Another awesome thing. I'm going shopping !! Can't wait to start using some of the new items in my album. If you want to learn more check out Becky Higgins site, unless you already know the good news. Check out her video as well. She shows you all the items on it.

So all of you out there. Ready, Set, Go. . . Go Shopping !!!

And I almost forgot. More good news. I had to edit this post. Have you checked out Ali Edwards blog this morning.  She has some new digital stuff available. She has some new December Daily templates that are to die for. She has two of them to choose from. I'm going to have to get both of them.It is getting me a little bit excited about December daily coming up. Only a little, because I haven't finished last years yet. I only have a few pages to go.  I plan on finishing last years coming up soon so that I'm ready for this years.

So go check everything out. Enjoy.


Sara said...

You know...i read Becky's post, AND visited Jessica's blog...but until I just read YOUR post, it didn't click. Hello! pull up the digital file, type up my journaling, then print. Now I'm doing a happy dance!!@!!!!! Thank you for driving the point home :)

Mindi said...

Glad I could help Sara !!

MaryAnn Perry said...

If ya'll could see my happy dance you would be laughing hysterically!!! I'm so stinking excited about being able to type my journaling on the cards.....and get more info on the card without having to put the journaling card through the printer and spend forever trying to do it!!!! WAHOO!!!!