Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten cents

So last night about 6 oclock Noah accidentally swallowed a nickel. He came up to Patrick and said in a very concerned voice, "Penny, Penny." and pointed to his mouth and then his tummy. Just minutes ago I saw a nickel on the ground and was about to get up from the couch to start dinner. With the nickel no where in sight and Noah saying Penny and pointing to his mouth we figured he had accidentally swallowed it. Oh great, went through my mind. So I get my phone out and google toddler swallowed a nickel. Several sights saying that he needs to be taken to the ER for an Xray. I call my neighbor who is an ER doctor and he says that we need to take him to the local urgent care. So I put him in the car and off we go. Two hours later we got this image. Sorry about the bad quality. I was given a digital copy(explain later) and then had to take a picture with my iphone to share with you all.

So we learned two things that night. #1. Yes, he did swallow it. #2. It is lodged in his esophogis.

The treatment : Give it time and see if it comes down into his stomach and then he will be fine. AND NO SOLID FOOD FOR 24 HOURS BECAUSE HE WILL EITHER CHOKE OR VOMIT IT RIGHT UP.

Just great. You mean I have to not feed my growing two year old that just about snacks/eat all day long ? Are you kidding me ?  Heaven Help Me.

About 24 hours later. Three hours shy.  We made it through the day barely. With just about 1,000 meltdowns because he wants to eat something other than yogurt and melted ice cream and his glass of water and milk. And complaints from both girls because they cannot eat, have snacks, or even get into the fridge/pantry without Noah being out of the room.

Xray #2 was taken. The coin has still not come down. Almost in the same spot. Great. My son has a nickel in his throat.

Treatment now. Call GI doctor in the morning and schedule for him to take it out under anesthesia. Oh My Gosh. Please someone tell me this is not happening.

Now we wait for a phone call in the morning telling me what time I have to take him to the hospital so that they can remove the nickel once and for all. 

So I wanted to get this story down before I have forgotten all the little details about this experience up to this point. Also I wanted to let everyone know that I might not be around for a little while after this as I tend to my family. Everyone please take care and don't let your children play with coins.

Wish us luck tomorrow.

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Kim and Preston said...

Good Luck Mindi! So sorry!