Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things around here

I just thought I would quickly give everyone an update on Noah and the things that are going around here.

Noah's procedure went well, very quick but I was at the doctors/hospital all afternoon and night. The morning of I took him back to get one final x-ray. No change so they made me an appointment for 2:15 that afternoon with the doctor. Told me I couldn't let him eat or drink anything till then. So this is day three of no food for Noah, he just about lost it that morning. Nap at 1:00 and then woke him up and off we went to the doctors. Took an hour for the doctor to see us. We had to work with the anesthesiologist, the doctor, and the hospital for the procedure. By this time it was about 3:30 or four, can't remember. They sent me straight over to the hospital to get checked in and such. They got us into a room, took his blood, asked every question they could, of course. All Noah wanted was for me to hold him, he was not a happy boy. They brought him some crayons and that calmed him down. It was about 5:45 that they came and took him down to the surgery department. We waited there for a bit. Then came the worst part about the whole experience. They had to pry him from my arms, crying, so that they could take him and give him an IV and then put him to sleep, so to say. It was horrible. I just wanted to stay and at least hold his hand but I had to let him go. Surgery didn't take very long, but it seemed like hours. He was awake and I was able to see him. He kept crying and pointing to his IV and saying THIS and OWWIE. Poor baby. After about an hour of being watched over they let us take him home. I am so thankful for modern medicine and to have my happy baby boy back.

Here is Noah in his hospital gown coloring.

The next morning he had three big bowls of cereal, a big cup of milk, and a whole container of raspberries. It was amazing, he sat at the table and didn't get up until he was all done with his breakfast. The rest of the day he was happy, running around like nothing happened. He had an early nap and slept for and extra hour and a half. Things have been good ever since. Although he is back to his terrible twos antics, and destruction it was good to have my boy back.

Patrick has been working on a job just about all day and all night.  So we have seen very little of him lately and it has been hard. But the job is almost done and then we will have him back with us until the next job.

I organized the garage and am starting on the shed now.  Found the kids winter clothes, not that we need it here. It is still in the 80's. But am going to put them in their closet so that we are ready when the cold weather hits. Or should I say the slightly colder weather, apparently it doesn't get cold here, even in the winter time.

Katelyn is loving school and can't wait till HALLOWEEN.

We bought the kids Halloween costumes last night. Katelyn is a cowgirl, Maddie is Ariel, and Noah is Buzz Light year. 

Maddie asks to do preschool all the time and misses her sister when she is away at school.

Enough for now. I have another project life week done. All I have to do is photograph it and then I will post about it, probably tomorrow.

I have to go get ready now, the kids and I are going to see the SMURFS this afternoon.

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