Saturday, October 8, 2011

Magic Moments

So sorry that I have been a little sparse lately. We all got sick and then this past week we took a last minute, but very fun and magical, trip down to Disneyland. It was not planned, but well needed and deserved for all of us.

Every fall down in Disneyland they decorate. Mickey mouse pumpkins, characters dressed for Halloween, ect. It was so fun to see it in a new way, but have the same sort of magical feel as always. The only bad part about the whole trip was getting rained on. Or should I say poured on! Tuesday it rained for a few hours in the morning, and then Wed. it rained all day until about five o'clock. Armed with ponchos and umbrellas we set out to see how long we could last. We were back at the hotel about three hours later, soaked. Good heavens for dryers at the hotel. Not a lot of time today, trying to play catch up. But here are some of my favorite memories from our trip.

Here we are in our ponchos.  Had to get one of these, showing real life.

There was lots of pointing

Lots of line waiting. Tuesday was not so busy, Wed. was the best for the crowds but it was raining, and Thursday was like it was summer time. Crowds everywhere and long lines.

The Haunted Mansion was turned into the "Nightmare before Christmas" and was so fun to see.

Maddie was amazing this trip to Disneyland. She was so brave and went on all the scary rides she could with her daddy. And loved them. While her older sister would not even go on Thunder Mountain with me. Here she is on Splash Mountain.Daddy's in the very back and you can barely see Maddie, but she is in pink.

One of Noah's favorite things was seeing the Characters. He loved it and wanted to give them hugs, kisses, and wave bye bye. So cute. Here he is with Pluto.

Noah stopped in front of Goofy's house and kept saying "CHEESE" until we figured out he wanted his picture taken and this is what we got.

Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Mouse

The Jolly Trolly

Katelyn was so thirsty that she resulted in drinking the fountain water. Shhh, don't tell.

Sleeping Beauty. Still Maddie's favorite princess.

Snow White is Katelyn's favorite and you can see that she is running to see her.

Tea cups were Noah's favorite thing. He kept saying "MORE, MORE".

Toy Story 3D ride is the BEST !! Katelyn's Favorite.

Lunch at Mcdonalds on Wednesday saved us from the rain.

I think the rain has done something to these two !!

There were tears shed during our trip about which ride we were going on first, tea cup colors, and who was riding with who.

All of us in the tree house.

Wobbly pirate bridges can be dangerous. Cross at your own risk !!

Girls climbing the skull circle on Pirate Island.

 We found some Pirate Treasure

Woody carved pumpkins

Mickey pumpkins

And last but not least maybe my favorite picture is of Halloween Mickey and Minnie

It's back to reality today. Playing catch up. Laundry, homework,dishes, and cleaning up the house. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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Kim and Preston said...

What a cute family! It looks like alot of fun. Oh the Magic Kingdom. We need to go!