Friday, October 28, 2011

The not so happiest place on earth

The plan was to go down to Disneyland for the afternoon and evening because it was a short day at school for Katelyn. She got out at 12:35 and we headed down south. On the drive down the car started to make some strange noises. As soon as we pulled into the parking stall at the Disneyland parking garage the car started leaking, almost gushing fluid. Oh great. So we talked to the workers there and they call Triple AAA to tow the car away. Patrick found a Pep Boys a few miles down the road and waited for Triple AAA to show up and take the car there. Meanwhile, I took the three kids into Disneyland. It started out ok, they behaved for a little while. We went on the tea cups, the girls went through Sleeping Beauty's Castle, while I am on the phone with Patrick, my brother(who lives in the area), my mother, ect. Trying to find out what is happening with the car and how we
were going to get home tonight. At this point I am about in tears, and it was supposed to be a happy day !! The park closed at 6 that night and the kids were hungry. We walked over to the McDonalds, where I am trying to talk to everyone, and feed the kids at the same time. The car needs a new water pump, $750.00. Oh great. And it takes about 4 hours to replace, so we are stuck here for the night. We get a hotel room. No pajamas, no nothing. Patrick had to walk over to Target to get a phone charger because both of our phones were just about dead. Settle in, get the kids to bed and pick it back up in the morning. So morning comes, We head over to Disneyland in the morning while the car is getting fixed. We did have a good time. Finally. Car got fixed and we made it home safely. But now the car is making another noise, it either needs a new air conditioner compressor or a new pully. Not sure yet, haven't taken it in.  It is time to get a new car. But anyways, enough about our car troubles. I wanted to write this story down so that I could remember it. And my blog is a great way to get it done. Here are a few picks from our Disneyland adventure.

"The castle has sparkly snow on it today, Mommy" Maddie quote.

We just happened to be right there when Ariel walked past and then stopped to take pictures with people. Maddie was so excited, she is going to be Ariel for Halloween and even told Ariel that she has a dress just like her. Ariel replied with "Do you like to dress like a mermaid ?" Maddie aswered yes she did.

I think this was Noah's favorite thing this trip. Autopia. He got to steer.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream treats are so great.

Noah is not a fan of the "LOUD" rides. He covers his ears the whole time.

So all in all it was not what we expected. But we still managed to have a good time.

P.S. Should be finished with another week of my PL and then I can share it soon. Have two truck or treats this weekend and the kids are so excited !! Have a Halloween weekend everyone.

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