Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Project Life Week 23

So in between all the chaos that is Everyday Life I managed to find little bits of time here and there to finish another week of my album. One night I sat down and stayed up past eleven (and that is really staying up late for me) working on my album. When I went to bed that night I felt calm and at peace. I really did need my little piece of sanity at that moment, and I so thankful for this wonderful hobby that I love so dearly.  It keeps me from going crazy and it is relatively cheap !! So here is a look at the first page.

Here is the first picture of Noah at the doctors. His foot got infected and they had to clean it out and then put
a dressing over it that I had to change once a day for a week. Not fun.

I finally got my little garden planted. I ended up buying a grow box and some soil.

Here is what my garden looks like now. Can't wait to watch it grow over the summer.

Here is a look at the journaling cards

On this journaling card I wanted to include what I had planted. I had saved the plant stick from some marigold plant that I had planted earlier and stapled it on the card. I thought I had saved one from the vegetables but it has disappeared. It would have looked better on the card but oh well.

Noah and his tools. More on that later.

This week we had taken a trip out to the Halliburton offices for a family BBQ and a look around. They invited all the families to come out and to take a look at the big trucks and equipment that the men work on. It was really interesting to see all the big trucks up close and to go inside some of them. Here is the first page that I included in my book. It is a 8.5 X11. I did a huge typo on the bottom of the journaling and so I fixed it by adding the white and orange strip to the bottom of the picture and re printed it. Lesson learned : always look over your document before you print it or save it in photoshop !!

P.S. Patrick and the kids are standing in front of the coil tubing truck that Patrick works on. I should say he engineers it !! 

Here is the other side of it Patrick was showing us the big coil on the truck that they send down to well hole.

I had some more pictures that I wanted to include and so I put them in a divided 6x12 page protector. Can't wait to order some of becky's different page protectors for my book. More variety and not the same thing all the time. Here is what it looks like in the book.

Here some close ups of the pictures

Here is the other side

And the close ups

Here is the second page

Katelyn and Maddie both had a fever and a sore throat this week. Took them and they both had strep.

Noah got two sets of pretend tools for his birthday and he has not put down his drill since. It moves and makes noise. He loves to play with his tools just like daddy.

Patrick's homework so to say. He's in training for his new job and with that comes a lot of studying.

We all enjoy calls from Grandma. The kids love to talk to her and catch her up on the coming and goings here in California.

Here is a close up of the journaling cards. I was surfing around the internet one day in need of some inspiration and found this ladies website that has free downloads. They are perfect for project life. Here is the link. She has all different kids, overlays, journaling card printables, ect. This one is part of a circle journaling card. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Check it out here . I just resized it to fit right in the middle of my journaling card in photoshop, added text, and printed.

That is the end of the week folks. Thanks for looking. Until next time.


ChocoholicandBaby said...

Hey there!!

Thank you so much for posting your project life album! I am going to be doing the project for the first time in 2012 - very, very excited!

I just have one question for you - how do you print on the 4x3 journal cards? Do you stick them to a larger sheet to go through the printer?

Thank you!!

Mindi said...

Hi there ! Congrats on choosing to do project life. As for your question about the journaling. There are a few ways to do it. I scan the cards in to photoshop, journal, and print. I have a printer that will accommodate my journaling cards. LOVE IT! But you can do another way too! If you print on a seperate piece of paper, hold the journaling card up to a light source to see where you need to adjust your journaling, adhere the journaling card to the paper and print. Hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else. Take care.

ChocoholicandBaby said...

Thank you for getting back to me Mindi!!

Do you print your photos at home as well on that computer? (I might have to invest in one!)

I love your photography as well, and the way you have presented your photographs and journalling - definitely my favourite Project Life I have seen! I can't wait until my kit arrives :-)

Mindi said...

Yes, I prefer to print my pictures at home. That way I can have them right then and slip them into my book at any time. And they look beautiful too !! I have a large format printer by epson. It is the R1900. It can print up to 13 inches wide. And I love that it can print on my journaling cards or other small things that I use on my layouts. Thank you for your comments.