Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project Life Week 25

This week was full of great memories with my parents. I packed up the kids and we took a little road trip back home to Utah. Patrick was scheduled to be out on a long job all week and so I took the opportunity to go back home. We left on Monday and came back Friday, driving a 12 hour day. It is not so easy by yourself with three small children but they did great and I am so thankful for the little t.v.'s in the car. Kept the kids entertained the entire trip.

Here is first page :

This week I tried to stay with the same color scheme and with a simple, clean look and I love the way it turned out. The first picture is of my father and the kids. Each morning the girls would go and ask grandpa to go jump with them. The word GRANDPA is from Ali Edwards family word set.

We spent a lot of down time in my parents backyard that week. Here is Maddie coloring with the chalk.

The weather was warm enough that the kids spent a lot of time in the water.  The I love summer if from Ali Edwards Summer Rocks brush set.

Here are the journaling cards

This first one I took one the free digital journaling cards found on this website and added a fancy brush found here to the bottom and printed on plain white cardstock. It looked better than on a graphed journaling card.

This one I wanted to get a different things jotted down about our week on one journaling card. Used the circle numbers from the kit.

I took one of the journaling cards from the kit and added the circle. I think it is from My Minds Eye. Added the hello and the sun to it. The hello is from Ali Edwards Summer rocks brush kit.

This one didn't quite end up the way I wanted. Put in the wrong dimentions when printing and made everything shift up on the journaling card when I printed it. The word summer is a rub on. I added the I LOVE on the card to kind of help with my mistake. OOPS!

While we were gone Patrick took some pictures while out on the job site. I made a collage of them with one of Cathy Zielske's templates. Added the numbers and journaling around the pictures.

Here is the second page

Maddie found some pet rocks on our hike to the falls and took them home. The brush is from Ali Edwards Summer Rocks set.

We visited the Dinosaur Museum while in Utah. They have an amazing museum in Alpine that has all things dinosaurs. Katelyn is always in heaven when we visit.

Patrick got bored while we were away and so he signed us up for Netflix. I typed the date and some journaling and put it on the paper that I had saved and cut to fit into the photo pocket.

A cute picture of Maddie after we got home. We were outside playing in the backyard and I snapped this picture. The brush is from Ali Edwards Love You set. I believe this was a freebie she had at one point. You can probably find it on her website.

Here are the journaling cards

This one is a picture of Noah looking up at the waterfall.

I got this journaling card from this website again. I added the word hike from Ali Edwards Go Outside word set. Added some journaling and a parentheses.

Katelyn at the falls. I love how the carved the name of the falls into the rock. The rock sat at the base of the trail to go up to the falls.

I took this sticker from a set of stickers that I had bought a while ago. Added a word from a set of words from here. All the stuff is free on this website. Love it. Added journaling to the bottom.

Is anyone else behind on their albums ? Please do not feel discouraged. It is okay to be behind. Just keep working, keep taking pictures, keep taking notes about the present goings on so that you can add them when you do get to that week. Sometimes I feel like I will never catch up. But it is ok. I feel good each time I get a week done. I know that if I keep taking pictures and writing things done that it will all be there when I am ready. So that is my inspiration for the weekend. Don't give up !!


Niki Estes said...

Mindi, you have such a great album. I love your custom journaling cards. I'm even farther behind than you, but I love looking at the album. I got through Apr 1 and am determined to get caught up. If only there were a little more time in a day. Keep up the great work! :)

Andrea said...

New to your blog and love your PL inspiration! Keep up the great work. Also, super thanks for the links to the free overlays. I feel like I have hit the jackpot! Thanks again.

Mindi said...

Thanks for your great comments ladies !! Means a lot and I will try to keep the inspiration coming !!