Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween memories 2011

We had a wonderful Halloween this year. We had a Cowgirl, Ariel, and Buzz light year and this year. They were so cute and they each picked out their costumes, even Noah. In the morning I ran some errands, and did some cleaning around the house. We carved pumpkins. Here is Katelyn carving her pumpkin. She was the only one that was brave enough to stick her hands in the pumpkins.

Here is the finished product. Three carved pumpkins. I carved all three. One Mickey, one Minnie, and Jack from Nightmare before Christmas. I thought it summed up us recently, all the trips down to Disneyland. Noah is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie, and the kids have been watching The Nightmare Before Christmas nonstop since DVR'd it a while ago (also since we went on The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, they have it decorated based on the movie at halloween time).

About 4 o'clock the kids were so excited about going trick or treating. They kept asking me if it was time to go yet and I kept telling them no, no it's not dark yet. So we got them dressed in their costumes and went outside for some pictures. Here is the three of them together.

Here is some shots of my cute cowgirl Katelyn. She really was not in the mood to pose for pictures so these were the best I could get.

Here she is with her lasso. She has been lassoing things around the house for weeks now.

Here she is with her trusty stead and best friend Chester

She loved her star belt.

Now on to my sweet Ariel. At first she wanted to be a pirate princess. The one from the show Jake and the neverland pirates. We searched and searched but didn't find a costume that she liked. So plan B. We went to a few stores in search of a costume. She really, really wanted to be strawberry shortcake but the costume was about $65.00 and I was not about to pay that much for a costume, even though it was super cute. I kept making suggestions but she didn't like anything. She did like this Ariel dress, simple as it was.  And she has been really into Ariel lately, really loved the Ariel ride at Disneyland. So Ariel she was. Nothing fancy, but super cute the way she is.

Now on to Buzz Light Year. At first I wanted him to Thomas the train but he really wanted to be Buzz. The first time we tried the costume on him he immediately pushed his lazer button on his costume and quickly learned that nothing happens. He prompty sighed "HUH" and pushed it again. He was not happy that his button did not work like the movie. It was hillarious !! 

Here he is ready to GO TO INFINITY AND BEYOND.

And take off

In flight

Here he is pretending to push his laser button.

Misc shots

Here is the gang ready to go trick or treating

And of they go. The kids had a great time. We started around our circle and then went down the street. At one point we hit a few houses that didn't have any people home and Noah said "More treats, more treats." I told him they weren't home. He promptly started crying and sat himself right down in the driveway. It was hilarious and thankfully didn't last long after I promised him that we would get him more treats.

I got the kids these glow sticks for their treat buckets so that they could see. They were a huge hit.

I took the kids out first and then Patrick took them out for some more. We ate pancakes, eggs, and bacon for dinner. I was surprised at the amount of kids walking around our neighborhood. At first Maddie was scared and didn't want to go up to the door. But with a little coaxing and some encouraging words from me she was good to go. Noah knew just what to do and promptly followed the girls up to each door and put out his candy bucket to be filled. Katelyn talked to everyone she met, so cute. Asking them if they had any dogs, ect. so cute.

This was the scene immediatley following returning home from trick or treating. So funny. He sat right down, dumped out his candy and started right in.

It was a great day and a great night. I am so thankful that Patrick could be home for the special night. He is working a job right now but they are were in between things and so he was in the office all day. Hope your Halloween was extra sweet !!

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Happy Halloween! So fun and cute.