Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Life Week 16

I have to be honest, Week 16 was a rough one. Maybe it was the lack of photos, or the fact that my creative mojo did not kick in till the very end. I don't know.

Oh well, I am sure that we all have weeks that it took longer than expected, didn't quite come out right, or you just weren't feeling it. Maybe not !!

Although, I have to say that in week 17/18 the problem has been resolved !! All things came together on that one. Yes, it is all finished. But back to Week 16.

Here are both pages together. I went with the combo of orange and blue again, with a little of red/pink thrown in.

The first page.

Title Card. I used one of the 4x6's from the Studio Calico.

My parents came to visit this week. As in tradition, we celebrated the girls and my mom's birthdays with the amazing Glaus bakery.

It appears that most of the photos I took this week were of the kids playing Store.

For this photo, I started off lowering the opacity of the photo. Photoshop have these great shapes, and I used on of them to make a frame. I wanted to be able to see into the shopping cart so I simply erased the area in the middle of the frame. Added the word go from Ali Edwards found here.

Maddie playing the cashier.

Journaling cards. First one is from the Studio Calico. Talks about my parents visiting.
Also a photo of my dad at school for Reading Day ! Katelyn was over the moon to have Grandma and Grandpa there at her school. 

More journaling cards. 

The last page. More shopping photos, kid burritos, and a lunch date.

Used this brush found here.

Stocking up ! There must have been a sale !

Journaling cards/photos.

Morning journaling card is from SC. The blue card is from the Seafoam kit. I cut out the inside of the circle so that I could add some patterned paper underneath.

That is a wrap, glad that it is done. I have week 17/18 ( I put the two weeks together) all done and will share soon.

Stay tuned for Week In The Life posts.


helen r said...

I love the different ways you use the SC cards...very inspiring! I'm always happy when I see a new PL post from you!

Mindi said...

Thanks Helen !!