Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week In The Life Tuesday

How's everyone doing with their picture taking and journaling so far ? If you are playing along with the Week In The Life Project.

Today I took a lot more photos. Journaled less. It was definitely a HARD day. So here we go. 

 TUESDAY : Words + photos.

A little at home Preschool work this morning. Going over the ABC's.

 Noah has just started to learn how to write his name. He was practicing this morning.

Noah has a best friend that had these Lightning McQueen shoes. Lately this best friend's mom has been handing down clothes and shoes for Noah to wear. They are about a year apart. For the past few months Noah has repeatedly asked his friend if he could have his shoes when they don't fit him anymore !! This morning we went out to breakfast with this certain mom and guess what she had waiting for him ! OH MY, he immediately put them on and I can see them being worn everywhere for a while.

Went out to a late breakfast with 2 of my friends. At Coco's.

 Getting the mail is always an ordeal. Even though it is around the corner from the house. Everyone wants to go. With bikes and helmets and scooters. Today I decided to go before the girls got home. So it was just Noah and I.

The beloved Fluffy. This was the best shot I could get. I tried.

Right before this time of the day, it was when the day got really hard and just got worse.  Long story short, I had to resort to putting Noah in his room. So he proceeds to destroy his room. I mean all of his clothes out of his dresser. All the toys dumped out of his closet, ect. I will spare you the details of how the rest of the day went for him. And for me.

Playing with the girls. While Noah is in his room, attempting to clean up his room. Took him 2 hours, lots of whining, a few tears, a loving conversation, and a few pointers to get the job done.

Little People have been the toy of choice this week.

We had the neighbor girls over to play this afternoon. I watched from the kitchen while prepping dinner.

Down time.

And one of my favorites from Tuesday was the great Sunset.  Gorgeous. We rarely get sunsets like this one. We hardly see clouds, especially in the summer.

Tuesday is over. Photographed. Journaled. Ready for more.

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Fiona said...

Gorgeous sunset! Your day sounds like mine today (Wednesday). Good thing it's a new day tomorrow!