Friday, September 13, 2013

Week In The Life Thursday

I took less pictures today. I'm okay with that.

We decided to take a mini road trip down to the beach for a few days and so I spent lots of time packing, cleaning the house, and driving. I'd like to share some photos from our day.

Packing up the "essentials".

4 suitcases and beach towels.

Before we hit the road I did some chores. Vacuumed half of the house, sprayed off the drive way and cleaned out the gutter, did 2 loads of dishes, emptied all the garbage's and put the garbage bin out, and then mopped the floor.

The girls got home at 2 and then we hit the road.

We met daddy at the hotel.

Animals got a free ride.

View from our room

It was time for dinner. There is no better place to eat in San Pedro than Porky's BBQ. Mmmmmmm !

Hungry kids waiting for their fried chicken.

We went back to the hotel and tried to settle down the kids. They were all asleep about 9:30. I was really tired too so I went to bed shortly after.

Tomorrow we have a great day planned and we are staying one more night and then driving home early Saturday morning. All three kids have birthday parties to attend. All at the same time ! I know crazy huh. Well, time to get this fun started.

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