Monday, September 16, 2013

Week In The Life Friday

I'm back ! Today I want to share some photos + words from Friday.

Can I just say that Friday the 13th was a BAD day. From the time that the kids got up in the morning (which was 6 o'clock by the way) things went south and kept going.

Usually when we are on vacation things are pleasant, everyone is happy, and things go my way. Well, not Friday.  I will just spare you most of the details. Trust me !

Breakfast. In our hotel room. While everyone got dressed. I had some computer work to do.

All 3 kids had birthday parties to go to on Saturday morning. A visit to Target for presents and wrapping paper.  * I can't wait to upgrade my iphone. The photos are getting worse and worse. *

Back to the hotel. On the way I tried to get gas. No such luck. Call to the bank. Long story short, I couldn't purchase anything for at least a few hours. I then tried to tell the lady that I was on vacation and needed to fill up on gas and feed my family. Well, we headed back to the hotel. 

In the meantime, trying to kill time, we went swimming. Thankful we made it back to the hotel on an empty tank of gas.

The pool water was apparently really cold this morning. Usually my girls jump right it. Katelyn had to doggie paddle for a while to get used to it.

Palm Trees. Everywhere.

 All 3 swimmers in the hot tub.

Once everyone was showered I was finally allowed to buy gas and lunch. It was about 1 o'clock. Hit the McDonald's first. Got Maddie food and me a large Dr. Pepper. On the way down the street to Del Taco for the rest of us I picked up my Dr. Pepper cup. The lid wasn't all the way on and I ended up with half of it in my lap !! Great, just great. Pulled over, tried to clean up what I could. Went into the Del Taco drive thru, ordered. Then proceeded to pull forward. My hand slipped from the Dr. Pepper spill and sent the van into the cement wall. Oh dear ! Oh dear. As I am holding back tears waiting for our food the kids are fighting, crying, ect.  This is the very low point of my day. Here is what the car looks like now. Thankfully it was nothing serious. But still, it's my baby !

After I had semi pulled myself together we went over to Ralphs to get some wipes for the car. Cleaned up the spill the best I could. In all the chaos I forgot to get me some food. In and Out was in the same parking lot, perfect. Stopped by the park we had seen on the way there for some playtime, de-stress time and eating time.

A quick talk to my brother (who we had plans with that night) and it was back to the hotel to get ready for the nights plans.

Here is what Patrick was doing all day. Out on location. Working.

Over the cool bridge we go. The kids loved it. 

I was so excited to see my brother and sister in law. They live in the next city over. We try to get together every time we come down this way.

We walked from their apartment to a great pizza place. The kids loved the walk, especially since it involved their aunt and uncle.

Got caught up on the walk down to get dinner. Ate some great pizza. I didn't get any photos from dinner. I think the day was getting to me and the kids were all wound up and I was very busy trying to keep them in their seats.

We went back to their apartment and visited for a little while before driving back to the hotel.

And that was it for Friday, thank goodness nothing else happened. Whew !! I'm glad that day was over.

Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday coming soon.

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