Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School

My kids went back to school a few weeks ago and it was perfect timing. We were all sick of each other, there was way to much fighting, and whining.

Since we had moved, this meant a change of schools for the girls. The best part of that was that they get to ride the bus now. To say that they were excited to ride the bus was an understatement ! They couldn't contain their excitement that first morning.  And the excitement is still there today. They love the bus. And personally I love it too ! I don't have to drive them to school or pick them up. And I even get an extra hour just me and Noah.

We all got up, got dressed and walked the girls to the bus stop. 

Waiting for the bus.

Getting on the bus.

I wanted to make sure that the girls found their classrooms okay after getting off the bus. So for the first few days of school I drove over to meet the bus and walked them to their classrooms.

The rundown this year. Katelyn is in 3rd grade and Maddie is in 1st grade. This year will be so nice because both girls go all day and get out at the same time. But next year Katelyn will get out later so Maddie will be on her own after school.

Noah started preschool the same day as the girls. He goes 2 times a week and he was not to sure what to think about preschool. ** Now he is loving it **

I am certain that he was more excited over his new Star Wars Angry Birds backpack.

He has already starting asking about "When it my turn to ride the gool bus ?" I tell him next year buddy.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year.

We sure are. Attended Back to School night this week and I LOVE both of their teachers this year.

P.S. I  have finished another week of Project Life and will share it shortly !!

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