Monday, September 9, 2013

Week In The Life

Week In The Life. It's here folks !!

Anyone joining in ?

Don't know what it is ? Check it out HERE.

I really went back and forth about it this year. Do I really want to do it, take the time, all that work. Then I went back and looked through previous years ( although I totally forgot last year is still not done) and I love them. All of the albums that contained one week of our lives. And sometimes ALOT changes in a year.

Here are some shots of last years Week In The Life. 

So here I go.

I plan on sharing our week with you. Also plan on sharing the finished days as well. Here is a shot from this morning.

I had painted our pantry door a wonderful turquoise color over the weekend. I wanted to be brave and handy by putting it back up by myself. Of course Noah wanted to help. So he got out his "tools" and proceeded to help me. Safety glasses and all  !

I have Project Life Week 16 all ready to share with you tomorrow. It's blogged and will be up tomorrow morning ! Also will share Mondays Week In The Life photos tomorrow.


libbywilko said...

I will be doing it a bit later mid Oct or next week as my hubby so working away from home most days this week so it would not be authentic week in our life ...well our regular routine lol.

Mindi said...

Libby - I'm glad to hear that you plan on doing WITL. There are no rules, you can do this project anytime you like.