Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week In The Life Saturday


Didn't take to many photos. Lots of driving. Errands. And then ended with football.

Woke up the kids in the morning and had them eat breakfast. Packed up the car and we drove home.

The kids thought it was so cool that it was foggy outside.

All 3 kids had birthday parties that morning. Noah's was first so we drove straight there and dropped him off.

These fields, by the way there are lots of fields everywhere around us, are the ones I drive by almost on a daily basis.

Another field.

I drove around just about all morning. Picking up kids, dropping them off.

Once we had collected everybody we went to Home Depot.

Browsed the lawn mower aisle. You see we need a new lawn mower like yesterday. How come they have to be so expensive !

We picked up some fertilizer for the lawn, a refill on bug spray, and some flowers for the yard.

Playtime at home for these two.

Mowing the lawn for the big one. Noah joined in at the very end.

Some ABC fun for the kids.

I ran to do some shopping. Two stores. First was Vons.

My basket. Did really well. Only spent $15 for all this.

3 normal boxes of cereal
2 large boxes of cereal
1 box of cheeze -it
5 cans of spagetto's
4 Dole fruit packs
1 cesear salad pack
2 Nestle snack packs

Picked up a Papa Murphys pizza on the way home. Chicken Garlic, our favorite.

Got all the kids in bed and finished the Utah/Oregon State game. It was heartbreaking, we lost in overtime.

That concludes Saturday. Tomorrow I will share Sunday. I also have a PL spread to share after that.

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