Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week In The Life Monday photos

Day 1 is done. Documented, photographed, and journaled.

Here are a few photos + words from Monday.

I know this is repeat. I had painted my pantry door over the weekend and Noah was "helping" me put it back together and then hang it back up. 

Catching up online, reading my daily blogs, and then working on my own blog posts.

Daddy (came home for lunch) and Noah fixing the door and hanging it properly. When I did it, apparently I put the hinges on backwards. OOPS !!

Waiting for the girls to come home. It is hot today.

Girls are home. Walked from the bus stop. They usual run when they see me waiting on the sidewalk for them.

Katelyn decided to do her homework like this.

Maddie went the traditional route.

Dinner was mini meatloaves, diced baked potatoes and corn. 

A little outdoor playtime before bed.

Katelyn doing her flashcards.

A bath for me while playing Phase 10 on the ipad.  A little t.v. for Patrick. Then to bed early.

Until tomorrow everybody.

My goal is to get me in some shots today. Wish me luck !

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