Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week In The Life Wednesday

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The day started at 7:15. I decided to sleep in.

The kids always have to look at a box of cereal while eating breakfast. I guess it is entertaining.

Since I decided to sleep in I had to take the girls to school. Here I am dropping them off.

Noah had preschool today. That meant that I had about 2 hours of play time. I divided it into chore time and then creative time. My new Studio Calico kit came and so I did some Project Life.

Here I am doing my "mommy" chores as the kids call them. I am writing on the girls chore chart. Today's list included : pick out their school clothes for the next day, straighten their rooms, put laundry away, dishes, homework, flashcards, reading.

Time to pick up Noah from preschool. On the way to the car he picked me some flowers. "For you mommy."

He gets buckled in and then he proceeds to tell me about his day at preschool and what he did.

Wednesday is usually park day but Noah insisted that we go to the pirate ship park instead. So I put my own wants aside and took him to his favorite park.

The weather is still really warm and so the water in the spray park is still going. By the end of the park trip he was soaked.

Noah had a bath when we got home. My headache was getting worse. So Noah played on the ipad and I got caught up on So You Think You Can Dance.

Finished folding the last of the laundry.

Dinner was leftovers. It was such a nice night that the kids wanted to eat outside. Also it didn't hurt that the neighbor girl was outside playing as well. They like to talk to each other over the fence. Or if they are on top of their swing sets.

Here is Noah's plate. The only downside or maybe its a good thing, is that they take a while to eat their food. They play, they eat, they swing, they eat. 

Of course it always turns into a combination of eating dinner, playing, reading, and coloring.

 Got them to come in around 7. Got Noah's jammies on and brushed his teeth.

Patrick came home from the gym about 7:30. And had some work to do.

And that was Wednesday.

I just found out that we are going to travel down to San Pedro tonight and spend the night. So I will try to post tomorrow morning, but we shall see how that goes.

If I don't get around to posting tomorrow I will post Saturday.

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Andrea said...

I love all the pics. Thanks for sharing!