Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week In The Life Sunday

I think, actually I know, that by the 7th day of this project I was tired.

I was done.

I was all photoed out. If that is even a word.

All my creative juices were gone. Hence the lack of photos and the boring photos ! Sorry ! 

My kids were getting annoyed at me and my camera. They even asked when I was going to be done talking pictures of them.

Usually in years past I have done really well with all 7 days.

Not this year. I don't know if I was just worn out. Or worn out from our little trip. Or what.

Enough of that.

Let me share what I did take from Sunday.

I was fortunate enough to get to sleep in. Was woken up to all 3 kids jumping on the bed yelling "daddy made pancakes, daddy made pancakes." Oh yeah. I was very tempted to say. Yah for daddy, now go eat your pancakes and leave me in peace so I can go back to bed. My family knows I hardly eat breakfast. I did get up and finish off 2 pancakes. Who can say no to pancakes ! Kids got Mickey Mouse shaped. 

Did a few things around the house. Cleaned up from breakfast. Did the dishes. Then got Noah and Maddie in the tub.  They lined all the bath toys up from biggest to smallest. Tried to get a good shot of this but the bathtub is in a bad spot for this to happen. And again, I was not really motivated.

I got showered. Got the kids a snack before heading off to church. Church from 11 - 2. Got home at 2:30.  Had every intention of trying to get everyone together for a photo after church but again. Lack of motivation was just not there. Also the girls changed before I remembered. Noah in his tie will have to do.

The kids watched a movie. Also put all the littlest pet shops on the coffee table. I asked them why they were there.  " They wanted to watch the movie mom." Like duh ! I should have known.

Before dinner I got to take a nap. Did I mention earlier that I was tired. While I was napping Patrick and Noah made homemade spaghetti. Noah wants to be the Hulk for Halloween. At least for now. So he and daddy were practicing how to act like the hulk. And the fact that his shirt off is an absolute coincidence.

Dinner of Homemade Spagetti, French Bread, and green beans. I wanted to make sure that I got a shot of us sitting at the table. Me and Patrick have our usual spots, where we are sitting. We don't move around. And then the kids take turns rotating sitting by daddy. They used to fight over it and now they know that they have to take turns and can most of the time figure out who's turn it is.

Reading Harry Potter again. Also finished their homework that was supposed to be turned in on Friday.

Kids are all in bed. Time for some Sunday Night Football. My 49ers were playing. Unfortunately they didn't play well/Seattle played good, we lost. Not a good weekend for our football teams.

I plan on finding some good photos from the internet from the University of Utah game and the San Fransisco game to add to my album. 

Well folks. That is it for all the photos + words. I plan on taking some time this week and next week to figure out how I want to put my album together.

I know that I want to use a 8x10. And include Ali Edwards templates. After that I am not sure.  Will probably surf the web a little to see what everybody else is doing. Figure something out. I always love to do a hybrid version. So I will get started on this when Noah is away at Preschool tomorrow morning. I will share once I get each day done.

Also look for a new Project Life post hopefully tomorrow.

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