Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Life - Week In Review

Hello life. Hello Right Now. I love you so.

This past week has been wonderful, grand, and full of great memories. My parents arrived late Monday night with Tuesday being filled with all things grandma and grandpa. Or if you are Noah they are "PAPA and MAMA" ! The day went something like this, Grandpa chase me, grandma look at me, grandma will you play with me !

It started with reading. Maddie wanted to show them how she was learning to read.

The following day Katelyn wanted to have grandpa fly her kite in the very slight breeze, if you could call it a breeze. So grandpa got out the kite and they took turns running it back and forth along the length of the yard.

Pies were made along with pretzel jello in preparation for the Thanksgiving feast. We also went shopping for the few last minute things for Thanksgiving.  While we were at the store Grandpa took the kids to the park and they had a great time with him.

The end result was delicious pumpkin pie with wonderful topping.

There was some guy ipad bonding.

Then came Thanksgiving day. It was grand. My brother and his finacee Brighton came up from Long Beach. It was great to have everyone here in our new home for Thanksgiving. I went out early to get some great Black Friday(early) shopping done. Got most of it for free, or was paid to take out of the store and I love my free stuff.

Friday came and Patrick and Rob headed out for a bike ride while Grandpa, I, and the kids went to the park across the street.

We feed the ducks some bread.

And then played at the park while the boys were on their bike ride.

I really love the winter weather here. It is in the 60's in the daytime. Not to cold that you can't go out and play.

Friday afternoon we said goodbye to these two. (My brother and Brighton).  Then headed out for a little bit of Black Friday shopping.

Saturday we got all dressed up and went and took some Christmas family pictures for our Christmas cards. We got some great shots but most of them looked like this with a caption needed of "You want me to sit next to her ?" Just kidding. It was great. Here is a sneak peek for all our family and friends. One great and one not so great.

The last thing that I want to remember about this week was getting some Christmas lights for the house. This was the first year that we have had a home of our own to put lights up on and I was so excited to do it. We found these cute little snowflakes. Love it.

I have my next week of Project Life done and ready to be put up for you guys. I was a HUGE week with lots of inserts. Look for that tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Christmas Holidays.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Can you PLEASE post a tutorial on how you write on your PL digital journal cards? I wold love it

Mindi said...

Sure - I will put it on the list !!