Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Changes

I have to start out with an apology if you experienced any problems, weird changes on the blog today. I have been updating a few things, adding others, and wrestling with new backgrounds all day long.

I have added a few new things that will hopefully help everyone. Labels for easy access to exactly what you are looking for. (EXAMPLE, Project Life) A search bar. More inspirational blogs were added to the list, will be adding more soon.

I have pulling my hair out today trying to figure out this background stuff. I DO NOT know what I am doing and it is very frustrating when it doesn't work like it should. So don't be alarmed if you check back to find a new color, pattern, or otherwise. It is the same blog.

So I am asking for your help. Is anyone familiar with blogger and changing backgrounds ? I AM IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE.  Hopefully I can get some time to research more about how to do all this stuff, but if anyone out there can help I will be much appreciative. I have tried everything that I can think of.  Changing templates, I have tried both the minama and the picture window. Both of them make the top and the bottom of my blog black. As you can see right now on the blog I don't know why. I have tried many different sites offering backgrounds but still the same thing, or slightly different. All not quite right. So if anyone has any tips for me please leave a comment. Thanks a bunch.

Off I go to try to figure this out so that I don't have a boring blog anymore.

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