Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week In The Life Tuesday Finished

Well, Guess what ? I have run out of ink in my printer and am waiting impatiently for it's arrival before I can do anything else. You would think I would have learned my printer ink lesson by now. When it says low ink, it means buy more !! Ha Ha.

Anyways. I decided to finish up Tuesday in my Week In The Life Album. Week In The Life is a project put together by Ali Edwards and you can check it out over at her blog I took all the pictures back in August/Sept and YES I still haven't finished it yet. But that is about to change. I have Tuesday all done and ready to show you.

If you want to see Monday's finished page I have it on the blog under Week In The Life. 

So here you go. First page :

This years book I used Ali Edwards digital template. Except I choose to do it hybrid. I copied the TUESDAY and week in the life onto cardstock. Printed the picture out and adhered my paper strips to it. Love the look. I took it from Trisha Harrison and you check her blog out here.

For Tuesdays journaling I used Ali Edwards long journalers and added Tuesday to the top. Added a piece of cardstock element from Authentic. As you will see I wanted to stick to using three colors through out the book. I choose my favorite colors right now. Blue, Yellow, and Gray. So you will see them throughout the book.

On the other side of my journaling I wanted to add some more pictures and so I grouped them together in photoshop, added a brush from Ali Edwards embracing the everday brush set.

Most days in the album I will have three collage pages full of pictures. I am using the templates that come with the Ali Edwards Week In the Life kit for 2011.

Here is the three collage pages.

 That is it for Tuesday. I am hoping to get my ink soon so that I can get to printing some stuff. In the meantime I am going to take this time to work on my Week In The Life album. And then I need to finish the last December Daily pages from last year. Maybe I'll share of my album from last year with you.

Still trying to figure out my blog background (as you can see). Maybe I'll have to do something else. We will just see.


Anonymous said...

Love your pages. They look so great. BTW, what kind of printer do you have? Your pictures always look so beautiful.

Mindi said...

I have an Epson R1900. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !! Thanks for your comments.