Saturday, November 19, 2011

Freebies For You Part 1

Freebies, who doesn't love free !! Am I right. Well today I wanted to share some links with you that you can use in your Project Life Album or even your other scrapbooking projects. Some I have show you before. Some you might have come across already. Some came from Pintrest. Take a look. Please help yourself.

I am always on the look out for new things that I can add to my PL album. For some reason, if it is new, its exciting. It gets my creative wheels turning. Some people like repetition, the same thing all the time. I am not one of them.

Maybe some of you need to be fast in putting your pages together. I understand that too. Then the core kit comes in handy. You can grab one of the cute cards, journal, on it and be done with it. Understand.

For me, I want to take some extra time. I want the extra "STUFF". It is what I need in my life. I love to take something and create with it. I always joke around that scrapbooking is my therapy. My stress reliever. With three little kids I needed an outlet. Or rather need an outlet. And scrapbooking gets the job done for me.

Without further ado here are some of my favorite FREEBIES.

I have split it up into categories for you. 


I have shown you this one before but it is packed with tons of free stuff in pdf format.


Now these are in pdf format. So I use most of these things to journal on and cut out to go on my pages. There are a lot of journaling cards that can be resized and then printed out as well.

Journaling cards on this website that are cute. The smash page tabs are cute. 

Tip for using pdf's. Sometimes the colors aren't always right for what you need. Some of them you can change the color on and the rest you can always turn black and white before printing. 

A few different fun things on here to print. 


This one I have shared before. She has all sorts of free digital downloads. Journaling cards, overlays, tags, ect. Love it !! 

These are great journaling cards for travel, vacations. 


Oh how I love these freebies. Can see making simple, fast, cute pages and collages with some of her freebies offered. 

In case you missed it. Cathy Zielske's free instagram template. 



This is another link I have shared with you all. All things digital. All free.

Well I planned on getting it all done in one post but blogger is not being my friend today !! UGGGG!! So I will post this one and finish the rest later when I have better luck. And most of the pictures I wanted to include are not copying in for me. So I apologize. I might try to go back in and add them in later. Hope you have enjoyed this post. 


Ellie A. said...

OH I SUPER LOVE! Thank you so much for posting this. I'll bookmark this post as it will make life easier then me jumping all over looking for a link Ha.. Happy Thursday to you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great post. Thanks for all the links.