Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Daily - A look back at last year

I wanted to post some pictures from my December Daily album from last year. If you don't know what it is, check it out on Ali Edwards site here.

It is always fun to pull out the DD books each Christmas and remember the great memories that were made.

Cover Page

December 1 - Getting the Christmas tree and decorating the house

December 2 - More decorating and some play.

December 3 - Sledding

Day 4 - Skiing for Katelyn

Day 5 - Zoo lights

 Day 6 - Shoe Day - Or it is known as St. Nicholas Day

Day 7 - Christmas card pictures

Day 8 - Snowflakes

Day 9 - Tires for Christmas

Day 10 - Dickens Festival

Day 12 - Christmas love

Day 12 - The 12 days of Christmas

I think I will stop there for now and finish the rest of the days tomorrow or later tonight. There are a few pages left from last year that need to be finished. I need to get them done, maybe later tonight.

The plan for this year is to just do one two-page spread for each day and get the rest of the stuff in my PL album. I think that will work out better.

Enjoy the last bit of November for December is right around the corner.


Kim and Preston said...

Maybe I could hire you to put together a photo book for me. I just dont know even where to begin or have the time to begin. Do you want to? :) haha. I just print off my blog...which is a pain.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Amazing. I just love your pictures and design. Would you mind sharing what font you used that looks a bit like a typewriter? Are all these printed from home? Again, amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Mindi said...

Kim - I wish I had time to do your book for you. I would love that !!

Anonymous - The typewriter font is called typical writer. Here is the website that you can download it for free.

Also, I print all my pictures from home. I prefer it that way, so I can have them right then and I love my printer. Thanks for your comments.