Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This and That

I am so glad to be over half way done documenting my families year. (Even though the year is almost over) It has been an amazing year full of lots of adventures. I am so grateful to have this album that has completely captured our lives, memories, tid bits, and photos. One day I will complete this 2011 chapter, move onto 2012, and be forever grateful.

Noah and I spent some time yesterday looking over what I have done so far. He loves to sit in my lap and look at the pictures, pointing people(and things) out as we go. The girls also love to come into the office and look through the book. I even catch my husband catching a glimpse of a newly finished week. My album sits out in the office of our home. It is always there, sitting open, for anyone to see. I love that. I keep it there so I can have easy access to it. To write some journaling in it or put something in a pocket for safe keeping.


Tip : If you are behind like me and are forgetful like me, write things down. Say you want to remember that you saw a movie a certain week. Find that week in the book and stick the ticket stubs in a pocket or write it down on a scratch paper. If it something that you want to remember but know that you will forget it by the time you get to that week, write it down. (Example : quotes/funny things that were said from family or friends)Have your album out where you can quickly write in it. I had some extra journaling cards from the previous year. (or get some of the plain journaling cards and stick those in) I have stuck them in the pockets so they are ready to write stuff down on. Sticky notes work great also, stick them inside the pocket so they don't come off.

Another tip: IF you have something that your child did at school, or husband got at work, a program from a play, maybe a grocery list from this coming Thanksgiving week, ect, stick it in a page protector and stick it in the week that it goes with. Or if you want, write or stamp the date on the back so you will know where to place the item in your book.

Maybe you find it easier to take notes in your phone. I certainly do that when I am not home. I use my phone to remember things from trips, day outings and so forth. It is also a great tool.

Hope you found some of the tips helpful. Maybe you already have a system in place for how you record and store your PL "STUFF". I encourage you to find whatever works for you and stick with it. May whatever your system bring you success in recording your families memories.

When I started writing this blog post I didn't intent for all this to come out. Oh well, maybe it helped someone. If there is anything you would like to ask me, or would like to know how I do things, please let me know.  I would love to help out in anyway I can. Feel free to leave a comment or a question anytime. I am always open.

December Daily 

Is it really that time again ? Where does the time go, really. I have seen many DD posts and it is getting me geared up to finish my last few pages from last year. Anyone else joining in? And as far as doing PL and DD. Yes, I am doing both. I will do one story a day in my DD and put the rest of the stuff in my PL. Last year my DD was so large that I had to make a volume 2. So this year I am doing both DD and PL. I ordered the studio calico page protectors that are 6x8.5 in size and they fit Ali Edwards templates. You can find them here. And I also did a big order at designer digitals. Got the new Ali Edwards Templates for this year and her new Christmas brushes. Today is the last day of their semi-annual sale. So hurry on over and pick some stuff up !! 

Project Life 

I've got another week all done and ready to show you. So look for that tonight or tomorrow. I am also just about ready to put together a series of post about freebies, products, ect. to use in your project life album. 

I really should go now. I have left the kids unsupervised long enough. It is way too quiet and you know what that means. 

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