Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project Life Week 26

This week was full of random stuff and then our first summer trip to the beach. I originally wanted to use some of the brand new Becky Higgins page protectors for this week but they haven't come yet !! Hurry up UPS man. So I just got it done and will use them in the coming weeks. I really had fun with this week. Lots of fun photos from the beach.

Here is the first page :

This first page was about the girls digging for dinosaur bones. As you probably know Katelyn is obsessed with dinosaurs and so they love to try to get the dinosaur bones out of these blocks.

I had one picture of each girl that I wanted to include on one sheet. Took two vertical pictures and put them on one 4x6 picture using photoshop.

We like to go bike riding to go get the mail.

Here is a look at the journaling cards.

This one I looked up the definition of paleontologist and put it on the card. Found some free dinosaur clip art to add to the card as well.

Another free dinosaur clip art for this card. Journaled about the two girls and their digging for dinosaurs.

Shadow and me and Noah in the stroller getting the mail.

The word on this one is from Ali Edwards playing word art set

I did four extra pages for this week. Lots of extra beach pictures to add. These ones were a series of pictures of Patrick trying to get Noah in the water. I modified a Cathy Z template and resized it to 8x8.

I love the look of layers in my album. This week was no exception. I had a 8x8 and then a larger extra behind it that is probably 8x12. Here's what it looks like in the album all together.

The other side of the collage is a 8x8 picture of Katelyn buried in the sand. The circle that says July is from this website .

I had a whole lot of pictures that I wanted to include in my album from our day at the beach. So I had a divided page protector that fits 3x4 horizontal pictures. I think it was left over from Becky's baby kit. Originally it was 12x12 so I just cut it down to the space I needed.

To make the pictures for this page I just cropped them to size and put them on a 8.5x11 layer in photoshop and printed it out. Cut out the pictures and put them in the protector. Simple as that. Here is what the photoshop layer looked like before I printed it.

Here is the other one.

I added two journaling cards to each side. Here is one of them. I wanted to try and stay with the Fourth of July theme(It was Fourth of July Weekend) and so I added some stars on there. This card is made by My Minds Eye. This one was a list of a few things about our day.

Here is the other journaling card. This overlay is from this website again . The go outside and play is from Ali Edwards Go outside brush set. Love that one !!

The other side I had one more story to tell. Another My Mind's Eye card.

This card was from a freebie way back. Can't remember where though. The Cherished Brush is from Ali Edwards Summer Rocks brush set.

Here is the second page :

Katelyn is my little fish. She loves the water. Pool, sprinkler, beach. It doesn't matter. She was in the water almost the whole time that we were there.

I have always loved the way that Ali Edwards uses little strips of paper to journal on and then attaches them to the pictures. So I used the idea this week and love the look.

Noah loved the sand, not the water so much. The brush is from Ali Edwards Summer Rocks set. The little balloon is from this free digital website . Check it out, I love it !! Again, was trying to stay with the whole Stars theme.

Another picture that I put a strip of journaling on. Love it and plan on doing more of it.

Patrick and Noah. The late afternoon at the beach is not the best time to try to take pictures. The lighting is horrible. Maybe it's because I'm not the best photographer but I tried. The brush is from Ali Edwards and her Summer Rocks set.

Here is a look at the journaling cards :

Journaling about how we decided to drive down to the beach and how it was the Fourth of July Weekend. Added some stars. The "JULY" is from Ali Edwards day and month word set.

Maddie and her bucket.

Brush is from Ali Edwards Summer Rocks set. The word ocean is from Ali Edwards Go Outside word set. I matched the orange to Maddie's bucket. Though it looked nice.

I just want to say that if anyone has a question about anything done on my blog please don't hesitate to leave a comment. I will answer.

Anything I did, any products used, any digital stuff, please ask. I would love to try and help. Take care now.


Mandy said...

I love seeing your PL, and all the elements you are incorporating! Inspiring! I'm sure you've addressed this, but I can't find it. Where are you getting your date/date stamps/brushes from? I think I recognize the day as Ali's handwriting, but what about the month date part? Are you typing that or is it a brush of sorts? That is more versatile than the overlays I have been using that don't always cooperate with the pic. Thanks in advance for the info!

White House Daily said...

Your pages are just gorgeous! What an amazing album you are creating! Love everything you do~

Mindi said...

Thank you both !! Mandy - Yes the days of the week are from Ali Edwards day and month set. The month and date part is just a font. The line in between the month and date like this : July | 2 is on your keyboard. Hit shift and the backslash. Right above the Enter key. Hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else.

olivia said...

metypergHi there! I'm quite a new reader and new to project life as well. I'm so glad you're sharing your layouts because they provide so much inspiration! I like what you do with your photos but I have no experience with Photoshop at all. Do you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? What do you recommend?

Mindi said...

Olivia - I have photoshop elements. I don't think there is much of a difference between the two. At least not with I use it for, which is the very basics. I'm just a beginner in photoshop. I have learned just by doing and so can you. Also, there are so many tutorials out there. Ali Edwards has a lot of scrapbooking ones about photoshop. So if I can do it, you can too !! As far as a recommendation I don't know enough about either one to say. But if you just starting out and don't know anything I would go with Elements. It has all the tools you will need to start out. Good luck !

Andrea said...

Love the layouts this week. Can you tell me which CZ template you used? Designer Digitals has their quarterly sale coming up and I want to stock up on some basic templates. Thanks!

Mindi said...

Andrea - The only one I used this week was one from this kit. Here is a the link

Although I modified it to fit my needs. And to fit the size that I wanted it to be. But this is the kit that I use all the time. Hope that helps.

Susana said...

Hi, I am new to your blog. I found you through the Project Life gallery from Big Picture Classes. This is my third year using Project Life, but my first experience getting ready to make the most of it as you are doing with all the fonts, overlays and so forth on your pics and journaling cards. I love your layouts and appreciate so much the time you are taking to explain all you do and link to what you are using as well--thank you SO much! Your layouts are beautiful and inspirational!

I do have several you print your own photos, and if so, what printer and photo paper do you use? I'm assuming you are applying all of the fonts and so forth to your pics in Elements and then printing them, correct? I'm also assuming you are doing your journaling cards the same way--applying everything in elements and then printing them/having them printed?

Thank you so much for your time and your effort you put forth on your blog!

Mindi said...

Susana - Thank you so much for your nice comments.

Yes. I print my own photos at home. I have a large format printer. The Epson 1900 and I LOVE IT !! Worth every penny. I love it because I can print on my journaling cards with it. It accepts small sized papers like the journaling cards. Unlike other printers.

I do add all my digital stuff through Photoshop Elements before printing. Also use it to journal on my cards. Hope that helped. Let me know if you need anything else.

Mindi said...

I forgot to add printer paper. For the 4x6's Epsons semi gloss. And all the other sizes the ultra luster paper. No glossy for me, don't like the look.

Susana said...

Thank you so much, Mindi, for answering my questions and so thoroughly too! This helps tons!

I am so excited to get creative with my Project Life! After a lot of experimenting today I figured out how to print on my journaling cards--large and small ones--with my printer--YAY!!

I look forward to seeing much more here on your blog for inspiration and motivation :-).