Friday, December 16, 2011

December Daily Day 11

Reindeer | A big deal around here.

Day 11 was all about the reindeers. These cute little reindeers were given last Christmas and have remained a favorite throughout the year. They really made a comeback when Christmas came around again. The kids love them !! But these are not the only reindeers that are popular. Katelyn and Maddie received the Rudolph and Clarise Build a Bear Reindeer last Christmas. They are never far away from the girls at all times. They sign the Rudolph song all the time and always want to watch the show. They even pretend to be Rudolph and Clarise. I would say that we are Reindeer obsessed over here. Oh and even Noah loves the reindeers, he calls them deer deers.

Here is the first page

The second page.

And I wanted to include some more pictures so two together in photoshop and printed them out. I ran out of page protectors and haven't had a chance to get some more.

Loved doing this day. And Noah was so cute playing with the reindeers that day. Still loving this album, it will be treasured as are past years.

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