Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily 2010 - Part 2

Hello December. How we love you so. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year. 

Here is the rest of my pictures from my DD album from last year. I finished last years up today as and it feels so good to get it done.

Sorry for the dark pictures, it has been foggy here and I don't have time to try to fix them today !!

Day 13 - Meeting Santa

Day 14 - Santa letters

Day 15 -  Christmas shows

Day 16 - Christmas pixie's

Day 17 - Katelyn's Christmas School Program

Day 18 - Gingerbread Men

Day 19 - Home

Day 20 -  Patrick Work at Deer Valley Just need to have him write about his work up at the ski resort

Day 21 - Cookies with Grandma

Day 22 - Football

Day 23 - Santa Cookies

  Day 24 - Rudolph Candycanes

Day 25 - Christmas

Other side

I'm done !! So grateful to have that project finally finished. Are you guys doing DD this year ?  I ordered some last minute items from yesterday for my DD album. Also picked some things up from the scrapbook store here in town yesterday. I think I am ready. I have todays pictures taken and story all worked out. Hopefully I can get some time tonight to work on my first page.

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Thats soooo beautiful!!!!