Monday, December 12, 2011

December Daily Day 6

Before I jump in another day in my december daily album I wanted to share a few things.

#1. If you are just joining me here on the blog, welcome. Nice to have you. I was so shocked yesterday to see that Becky Higgins had said something on facebook about my blog ! Thank you all for coming and for your nice comments. They mean a lot.

#2. For the newbies, if you are interested in knowing how I print on the journaling cards. Check out the Tutorials. Click Tutorials under LABELS on the top right side. I explain how to do it in photoshop.

#3. The sweet mailman delivered my little "White Box" yesterday and as he was leaving he said Merry Christmas. It sure will be now. I was so excited. I want to start using it. But I still have to finish this year ! Ha Ha.

#4. I chose to go with Clementine this year. I was looking for a little bit of a change - although the turquoise might be my all time favorite. The colors are sooooo pretty. I am loving them. The blues and the greys and yellows are my favorite colors right now. I went through it all today and was so excited to get started. Again - reality set in that I still need to finish this year. So it will have to wait until I get caught up.

Now on to Day 6 of my december daily album. This day was all about what we call "Shoe Day". Or in Germany it is called St. Nicholas day. My mother is German and she kept this tradition going with us kids and I am keeping it going with my own kids. You put your shoes out on the night of the fifth and St. Nicholas comes and fills them with sweets and a gift or two. My kids love this tradition and always get their shoes out extra early.

Here is the first page

This is a picture of Noah's room and his shoes. I created a pocket using the picture and put extra journaling in their. 

I added an extra page. If my book gets too full I will add these 4X6's to my Project Life album.  The brush is from Ali Edwards holiday word art vol. 3.

Other side of extra page. St.Nicholas brought them a play house that they can color.

Here is the last page. Used an Ali Edwards December Daily template. Picture is of Maddie coloring her house.

That is it for day 6. Until next time.


Petra said...

So cool that you're celebrating St Nicholas (Sinterklaas in Dutch). Nice playhouse and beautifull December Daily pages. :-) I love your style!

Andrea said...

Love your December Daily pages. Such inspiration! I have a question though about the PL digital elements - off topic I know :-) Just real quick though - I am going to buy the digital Clementine journaling cards, but really like the extra elements from the Cobalt and Turquoise sets. Would I be able to change the color of these extra elements? Your answer will help me make a decision on whether or not to purchase. Thanks again!

Mindi said...

Andrea - Yes. You can absolutely change the color. I have played around with some and changed the color. Haven't had a problem yet. I plan on buying some of the other sets as well !!

Jenifer said...

I Love your December Daily. What album are you using for the Dec Daily (did I miss that?)Thanks for the tips on PL, I am planning on starting that 2012. Not sure digi or traditional. Suggestions?

Mindi said...

Jenifer - I am using a 8.5x11 album right now for my December daily. It's a little big for the pages but it will do for now. And as far as digi or traditional. Well I have always been a traditional girl, just something about it I guess. Each one has their pros and cons. I love the traditional because I can add things in, create and add things to my journaling cards, ect. Also there is something about seeing it fill up, week after week, that makes me so happy. And my kids love to look at the book.

The digi version has it's advantages. It's a lot thinner, maybe faster to put together. So I guess it just comes down to want you want to do with it. Good luck !