Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Vacation

I have to say sorry for being missing around here lately. Right now we are currently on Vacation in Utah at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They are thoroughly enjoying our visit as are we. I just wanted to check in with you all. Once I get home next week and get some time to work on some projects I will sure share.

I wanted to share some pictures from our trip so far. ** "I did not edit any photos ***

We are staying with my mom's cousin and she has she four cats, a bird, and a dog. The kids are in heaven with all the animals to play with. The cats love to play with the laser, they chase it all over the house.There is a small red laser light on the floor in front of the cat.

Noah and the cat.

Katelyn and the cat

Noah is guarding his cereal from the cats

Katelyn got to hold the bird

We went down to the dinosaur museum to see Katelyn's "dinosurs". We took my mom's cousin's daughter with us.

A stop at the watering hole to play with the water, dinosaurs, and sand

the island made for the dinosaurs

We stopped by to see the newest member of our family, baby Charlotte. The girls also had a sleep over last night with these cousins and had so much fun.

Last night we went down to see the lights. These were lights that you drive through in your car. They were great. The kids loved them. They even had 3d glasses !!

dinosaurs in lights !! A huge hit

I've got to go now, our University of Utah football team is playing their bowl game this afternoon, and then it is new years eve. I wish you all a very wonderful New Years Eve.  See you next week in 2012 !!

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