Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Daily Day 10

Sorry about the long delay. Back to business. Hope your Holidays are going swell and stress free !

December Daily Day 10 | Monday

*** Update - I have now realized that I had put the wrong dates on (the stickers) and have fixed my mistake. Eeek !)***** see photos. 

Santa Letters were written and finalized. Both with illustrations included.

I wanted to take a picture of both of their letters. Wanting to capture them forever because they are so cute and precious.

I used Ali Edwards December Daily Template. Added the snowflake and the number 11. Also shrunk down one of these cards from Cathy Z. Added it to some kraft paper to match the dear Santa banner on the other page. Also added arrows from Studio Calico.

Katelyn's (age 7) letter reads :

Dear Santa,

Can you please give me a horse and a bow and arrow.


P.S. If I can't get a horse for Christmas then I would like a bow and arrow, Merida and Angus, 7-figure my little pony includes : Nightmare moon, Rainbow dash, D Pon-E  flower wishes and Trixi lodamoon.
P.P.S. If I can get a horse please plase her in the backyard and make her look like this.

Maddie's ( age 5) Letter reads :

Dear Santa,
cane I have a horse and esybake and the montser hige kasle weth all the montser hige dolls. Teses the horse that I want.

They did they all by themselves and I love them so. 

For my journaling card I used Ali Edwards December Daily 2012 Overlays. I added the Dear Santa banner at the top. Also added the red ribbon on the bottom and then the snowflake from Jolee's.

The girls both wanted to address their letters to Santa. I used Ali Edwards Hello Christmas brushes.

Done with Day 11. I should have Day 12 done soon and then I will share.

Also working on a Project Life prep for 2013 post. I want to get everything ready to go for the new year so that it can go smoother than this year, and then hopefully I can get it done faster.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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