Monday, December 3, 2012

December Daily Day 1

Well Hello December. Boy did you ever sneak up on me !

It's time for December Daily again ! Yeah ! If you are not familiar with what it is please check it all out over on the creator, Ali Edwards, website.

I am not in the least bit prepared for December Daily this year. I have bought a few things already, in preparation. But nothing else. I don't have an album, nor did I do any prep or foundation pages. But that is not going to stop me.

I decided to stay with the same 6x8 size as last year. Ali Edwards is doing 4x6. I just love the size of last years album so I am going to stick with that. But this year I am going to us some Becky Higgins page protectors, design H. Cutting of one of the 4x6 sizes.

Here is a look at my Day 1 all together. (Again, no album yet)

Did I mention that I didn't do any prep work ?! Yep, I don't have a title page yet. But here is the left side of Day 1.

I took Ali's day 1 idea and ran with it. I used her free background that she has on her website. Printing it out on cardstock. Added my letters and embellishments.

Here is the right side of Day 1. The bottom half.

I took a picture of our countdown sign. Then added Ali Edwards December Daily 2012 4x6 Overlays
to my photo and printed.

Here is the top half of day 1.

The left journaling card is from Ali Edwards December Daily 3x4 Journaling Cards. I added the hello Christmas brush from Here. Printed both of them on Cardstock.

The right side journaling card is from Ali Edwards Christmas Story Journaling Cards. I added a Studio Calico heart to the top. Also added the number 2 and 5 from Tim Holtz. They don't stay on with glue so I used some scrapbooking floss to attach them. 

That is it for Day 1. Can't wait to get going on Day 2 now. Since it is now the 3rd !! EEEkk. Anyone else joining me in December Daily ?

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libbywilko said...

Great start , I'll be looking forward to seeing your pages each day(or each post :-)