Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project Life August

Project Life August. August 7 - 17. 

Yes, I bring you a brief interruption in December Daily to bring you an update on my Project Life album. It seems like it has been forever since I have shared something, or even done something in my album. I need to get back to it ASAP.

This week or shall I say spread is a little different than I have done in the past. This week/2 weeks was when I was half up at my parents place and then half at home. I didn't take many pictures so I decided to include a chunk in time to fill up this week. I also included an instagram insert, which I will show you later.

Here is a look at the first page.

A little mix of the pool, olympics, and cupcakes.

The pictures. The kids at the pool and Noah in the splashing water.

These are the first journaling cards. The first one can be found HERE FOR FREE.

The Olympic freebie can be found  HERE. When we visited the cupcake shop I asked for an extra sticker to put in my PL album. She looked at me like I was crazy but I love it now. Added the circle rubon and the arrow.

We visited a water park while we were at Grandma's. I didn't want to take my big DSLR so I took some instagrams througout the day. I added them in using a Becky Higgins Design I.

Side #1.

Side #2.

I also added one more insert this week. It was my birthday week and so Katelyn made me a birthday book. All by herself. It is so precious that I had to add it in. I used a Becky Higgins 5x7 page protector.

The second page.

While we were there we were fortunate enough to get together with Patrick's parents. They had just come home from being away in Cyprus. So we went down to Thanksgiving point for some family fun.  They were hosting a water party.  Brush from HERE .

I used this freebie. I changed the color of the background. Added stars and the "Road Trip".

Date night. Found an image online and stapled our tickets onto the photo.

This one is from my birthday. I turned 33. We ate lunch at the Olive Garden.

Journaling cards. The sticker of the two people is from Amy Tan.

Instagram freebie can be found HERE .  The pink card is talking about my birthday. Added stamp to the top and then the stars. The brush is from Cathy Z birthday.

Well folks that is it for that week. I hope to get some time over the weekend to get some more work done on my album.

Until next time, whenever that may be.


libbywilko said...

Love your PL pages :-) the pool photos have such great clarity!

MaryRuth said...

Love it!! Have you decided what kit you're using for 2013?

Can I follow you on Instagram? or is that weird? haha!


Mindi said...

Thanks MaryRuth.

I have decided to use the seafoam kit for 2013. Which one are you using ?

Sure, you can follow me on Instagram. And it's not weird at all ! Look for angelgrl11979.

MaryRuth said...

I'm not 100% positive which kit I'm going to do. I know it will most likey be digital though. Guess I need to hurry up and decide!!

Are you going to be doing anything with the new baby kits? I love love love your pages and would be excited to see what you did with baby pages. But who knows. Maybe you already have your kids baby albums done??

Mindi said...

MaryRuth - good luck deciding on which kit. It's a tough one.

As far as the baby kits I'm not sure if I will use them or not. I bought Becky Higgins baby kit back when it came out with Creating Keepsakes. That was right before Noah was born(4 years ago). I only have 6 months done in his album. I might stick with what I was doing so it all matches. But I might just buy the kit and hurry and finish it. We shall see. They do look so cute and it would be fun to "play". The girls baby books are already done.

I do plan on getting the childhood kits though. So fun !